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sss show house tour

sss show house mural room

shop the room: canopy// triangle pillow// koukero rug// chair// toy barn// sun plush toy// peach plush toy shop vintage cabinets/set of drawers:

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anastasias nursery diy fabric wallpaper

DIY fabric wallpaper


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Small space Nursery tour

Today I am sharing how we converted our family room/playroom into a nursery! As I mentioned in the plans post about the space, this is still very much a central part of our house so everything might not scream nursery but it carves out a special place for baby girl. We installed the sliding barn […]

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modern bold nursery

Modern bold nursery – 2 ways

The white flooring in our studio has seen much better days and when Pergo reached out about partnering up to get the word out about their brand new line of TimberCraft laminate flooring at Lowe’s, I jumped at the chance to be able to bring it into the studio. I love the wide planks (almost 7.5″ wide) […]

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sarah sherman samuel nursery // neutral girl nursery //

Nursery Design 2.0

You’re probably thinking, that looks nothing like a nursery and you are right because this was/is our family room/Archie’s playroom. We have a two bedroom house (i.e. small) and sleep is VERY important to me so I am not into the toddler sharing a room with a baby thing so we are planning to convert […]

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nursery nook in master bedroom closet // sarah sherman samuel

master bedroom / nursery nook makeover

Last week I introduced you to my Nursery/Master Bedroom project for Max & Margaux Wanger and I’m thrilled to share the full final tour. Margaux and Max were expecting their second child and reached out to me to help them transform their master bedroom into a finished space for them as well as carve out […]

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gender neutral small space nursery design // sarah sherman samuel

Master Bedroom + Small Space Nursery

One of my favorite photographers Max Wanger and his wife Margaux were expecting their second child (spoiler: she arrived last week and she is ADORABLE) when they turned to me to help them make a new room for baby while also giving their master bedroom an overhaul. The main issue was a shortage on space. They have a two […]

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nursery - custom mobile - sarah sherman samuel

mobile in Erin Fetherston’s nursery

A few months back one of my favorite design firms, Consort, reached out to me about a house they were designing in Hollywood and I ended up making a custom mobile for the nursery, inspired by the one I made for Archer. The house belonged to Erin Fetherson and out came Domino Magazine where it was featured in the […]

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ikea hack rocking sheep diy

I am no stranger to an IKEA HACK and when I saw this moose (which is pretty cute on it’s own), I got to thinking… the red doesn’t match my color scheme and I wasn’t a fan of the piercing, but what if… And this furry rocking sheep was the result. Keep reading for the how-to…

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the perfect white & DIY nursery shelves

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been asked which white paint I used in our house, in our living room, in our bedroom, in the nursery … you get the idea. So, I am dedicating this post to the all important perfect white. A good white is SO much harder to find than […]

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designer spotlight: Kalon Studios

I already did a fair amount of gushing about Archer’s crib but I am going to start highlighting more of my favorite designers, makers, and artists and thought the brains behind the crib, Michaele and Johann from Kalon Studios, would be perfect to begin with. I am constantly looking to fill my spaces with objects with a […]

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archer’s nursery tour

I’m excited to share Archer’s finished nursery! I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the room together before his arrival (you can see the original design board here) but since the little guy went a week overdue, I was able to put the finishing touches on the space (including making that mobile on his due date […]

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nursery progress & ikea hack DIY

Last week you might have caught a glimpse at the one wall of the nursery that is finished, over on Mother Mag and I wanted to give you a better look, and share what I did with my dresser issue. It is a simple Ikea hack you’ve seen done a thousand times, but the most important […]

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gender neutral nursery for baby samuel

Ok, one week until my due date and the nursery is finally getting going! I’ve had this board and the design for a while so the items have been slowly trickling in. Between this and my online ordering excursion for the bathroom, our front porch has turned into quite the shipping and receiving department! So, […]

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from the weekend: nursery beginnings

This weekend our crib got delivered and, holy crap, things started to feel really real. I started gathering the few special pieces that I have picked up here and there for the nursery and finally got a chance to work on the design (woot woot!). I will share the plan in a few, but for […]

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