nursery - custom mobile - sarah sherman samuelA few months back one of my favorite design firms, Consort, reached out to me about a house they were designing in Hollywood and I ended up making a custom mobile for the nursery, inspired by the one I made for Archer. The house belonged to Erin Fetherson and out came Domino Magazine where it was featured in the last issue looking allllllll sorts of stunning. So happy to be the tiniest part of it. That is one good lookin nursery, as well as the rest of the house. I had to include a few of my favorite shots from the tour because it is just too good. Well done as usual, Consort (and Laure Joliet with the photos).

nursery - custom mobile - sarah sherman samuelI love those oversized animals, and the hanging chair, and how the mobile looks with white string (I used black in Archer’s). The entire house is filled to the brim with pillows and textiles from Erin’s beautiful signature collection/collaboration with fragments identity, which you can shop on her site.

white-hot-erin-fetherston-s-new-hollywhite-hot-erin-fetherston-s-new-hollywood-home-white-living-room-1473837673-57d8e05481c866970ee84f21-w1000_h627erin-fetherston3erin-fetherstonHow gorgeous is that bedroom, and living room, and patio and and and…? See more about the nursery from Erin, here.

Nursery Sources here: Custom wooden mobile from Sarah Sherman Samuel // RugThe Sunny Side Rug Co // Baby blankets and pillows from Erin Fetherston x Fragments Identity // Custom teddy bear skin rug from Lord and Little // Felted wool elephant and giraffe from RH Baby // Hanging chair from Serena and Lily // Crib from Serena and Lily

Images by Laure Joliet

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