No secret, I love designing a kids bedroom so naturally I had to include one in our #sssshowhouse. I painted a large scale mural on all four walls to envelop the space and give it a dreamlike garden feel.

We styled it two ways: one as a nursery and the other with double twin beds.

In the nursery we used my arches crib, patterned canopies, play table, mushroom stools, chair, pillow, and floor cushions, from my past west elm kids line and rug from my line with Lulu and Georgia.

Switching it to the double beds we added a canopy, took out the play table and used my arches twin beds.

Growing up my neighbor friend had two twin beds in her room and I’ve never stopped wanting that in a bedroom 😂. Living out my childhood dreams here.

And we won’t forget about one of a kind vintage scalloped oak set of drawers. A facebook marketplace goldmine. We die every time we look at it, it is so special! I searched for some similar pieces and you can shop below.


shop the room:

canopy// triangle pillow// koukero rug// chair// toy barn// sun plush toy// peach plush toy

shop vintage cabinets/set of drawers:

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