gender neutral nursery design // cloud wallpaper // sarah sherman samuelOk, one week until my due date and the nursery is finally getting going! I’ve had this board and the design for a while so the items have been slowly trickling in. Between this and my online ordering excursion for the bathroom, our front porch has turned into quite the shipping and receiving department! So, besides being up to our ears in cardboard boxes, it is all starting to come together.

I turned one of my own patterns into some custom wallpaper, which is that cloud pattern at the top and we put it up last weekend! I am hoping to get the rest of the room set up this weekend (fingers crossed and the if the baby stays in :).

I have to say I am super excited that we are having a boy but so much of the “baby boy” clothes and “baby boy” nursery decor, I am just not a fan of. I don’t like primary colors and for some reason it seems like that is 90% of what they offer for our male littles. I wanted the nursery to be an extension of our home and so I kept to a light and whimsical palette incorporating a lot of natural materials in their raw state (bamboo mirrors, unfinished wood crib, and the natural reed baskets) and injected a bit of color with the peach rug, toys, and a painted dresser.

Now about that dresser shown above. Ideally this is the shape I was looking for, however it doesn’t come in the color I wanted, so with a little help from photoshop I changed it just for the board. I am planning another ikea hack to get that look but for a lot less.

Wish me luck!

Product Sources: (top to bottom and left to right-ish)
Custom Cloud Wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Mirrors from Wayfair // Rock Lamp from Land of Nod // Stuffed Animals by Woodland Tale // Falling Bear & Fox Prints from Land of Nod // Dresser by Urbangreen // Arrow Banner from Ferm Living // Set of Three Lidded Baskets from One Kings Lane // Henry the Fox by Walnut Animal Society // Milo Swivel Glider from Land of Nod // Sheepskin Rug from Amazon // Peach Vintage Rug from Frances Loom // Crib by Kalon Studios // Throw Blanket from Target

  • I’m a big fan of gender neutral nurseries. However, I do think little girl’s rooms are just too adorable!

    • Hi Ginet! I know, I’m so glad we are having a boy but for decorating and dressing sake it would have been nice to have a girl! ha

  • perfection! i’ve adored that glider forever, just couldn’t convince the husband that we needed it haha. I also love those mirrors! PS, do you think you’re going to sell that wallpaper design of yours? I could see that blowing up, in a good way 🙂

    • Thanks Brittany! I know, I am allll about that bass, the copper bass. ha It is set to get delivered tomorrow and I CAN’T WAIT. I think you do need it. 😉 Also, will definitely look into it. A wallpaper collection has always been on my list of things I’d love to do.

  • Andrea

    Hi Sarah,
    I have a boy and two girls. For boy clothes, I hated all that primary colour stuff too and really just stuck to cute t shirts and jeans. I spent money on Vans for my little guy and he always looked styling’ but not like we were trying to hard! ha ha
    Honestly, after about age 4, my kids wouldnt let us decide their clothes anymore anyway. Enjoy the small window of fashion control! Your nursery looks amazing and is a perfect extension of your home. You are in for an amazing journey. Good luck in the final stretch!

  • Ashley

    Just darling, per usual. xoxo

  • Hi Sarah!

    First time I´m leaving a comment on your blog, so just let me start with saying that you´re a huge inspiration 🙂 I love following you on IG as well 🙂 All the way from Norway 😉

    I´m sort of crazy about your wall paper for you babys room. The best thing would of course be if it were for sale, but I understand that it´s not .. not yet anyway 🙂 Do you have any tip for how to design your own wall paper? Or is there any way it´s possible to buy the one you´ve designed? 🙂 You´re so talented!!!

    Wish you a great weekend! And all the best for you and your family 🙂

  • gorgeous plan. that custom wallpaper is lovely…the perfect backdrop for the rest of the decor! can’t wait to see it finished…with a little babe sleeping inside it.

  • Lindsey King

    The wallpaper is gorgeous. Are you planning to sell it? I would love to buy for my kids’ room.

  • Hi Sarah,
    I’m wondering what lighting you chose for y our nursery? I am due 10/19 and this is the last part of our gender neutral space (even though we know we are having a little GIRL!)

  • kris

    Love the mirrors! I tried clicking on the link to the wayfair website and have been searching for them all over the site.. still couldn’t find them =(.. Do you know who they are made by?

    • Andrea


      Did you end up finding the mirrors? I have been searching on way fair also and can’t fine them 🙁


  • […] I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the room together before his arrival (you can see the original design board here) but since the little guy went a week overdue, I was able to put the finishing touches on the […]

  • Stacy

    Hey Sarah,
    I see the wallpaper is custom. Could I order something similar and how much would it be? I love it!


  • Kelsey

    Anyway to purchase a mobile from you? I would love something very similar but in a walnut wood finish!! I have been searching high and low for a mobile made from wood shapes and have had no luck finding one!

  • Jessica


    I noticed you didn’t mention the light fixture in the master bedroom. I’m looking for something exactly like that in my bedroom. If you have any suggestions or where it’s from I’d greatly appreciate it.


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