ikea hack - mint dresser- nursery // sarah sherman samuelLast week you might have caught a glimpse at the one wall of the nursery that is finished, over on Mother Mag and I wanted to give you a better look, and share what I did with my dresser issue. It is a simple Ikea hack you’ve seen done a thousand times, but the most important detail is often overlooked. You just have got to do something about those legs!

tarva dresser, DIY ikea hackYou may remember on the dresser I re-worked for the cabin I cut the legs shorter. Well, for this one I kept the length the same but cut them at an angle to create a more elegant profile. It is just one small detail, but it doesn’t cost a thing to do, and it changes the look of the dresser dramatically.

nursery-ikea-hack2ikea hack - mint dresser- nursery // sarah sherman samuelnursery-ikea-hack4

get the rest of the DIY details and sources after the jump…

Supplies needed:

Orbital Sander (or sandpaper and A LOT of elbow grease)
Paint (we used Farrow & Ball, Theresa’s Green in Gloss)
Nail Hole Filler (we used this one)
We used this HVLP sprayer and an air compressor to spray on the paint for a super smooth finish
Chop Saw

ikea-hack-leg-profileFirst thing we did was fully assemble the dresser, then we sanded down the piece and primed it. Secondly, with the legs on, I marked with a pencil where I wanted the cut lines and put an X on the side that will be waste (this reduces confusion once the legs are loose and they all look the same). After the lines were marked I took the legs off, cut them down with a chop saw and then put them back on.

ikea-hack-spray-paintingBefore painting, we had to fill the holes in the drawer fronts that come pre-drilled for the handles, as our bar pulls didn’t fit the same measurements. We used this filler and then sanded it smooth when it was dry.

Rupe was a bit nervous about using the paint sprayer for the first time but, with me being pregnant, I didn’t want to get involved and handed off my usual painting duties to him and he aced it! I have to say the sprayers are way easier to use than they look, and the finish turns out SO MUCH BETTER, I have become an addict. Finally, we let everything dry outside and then put on the new hardware and filled it with cute onsies and all things baby.

ikea hack - mint dresser- nursery // sarah sherman samuelWe also plan on attaching a changing pad to the top of the dresser to make this our changing station. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and that soft minty color against my cloud wallpaper feels like just the right amount of whimsy.

What do you think? Please share if you guys have done any ikea hacks. I can never get enough!

Dresser from Ikea // Paint color Theresa’s Green by Farrow & Ball // Brass Drawer Pulls by Lewis Dolin (14″ Center) // Cloud Wallpaper (I had custom made with my own pattern) // Mirrors from Wayfair  // Rock Lamp from Land of Nod // Plush Raccoon and Fox by Walnut Animal Society // Rug by Frances Loom // Wooden Blocks (made by my dad)

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel 

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