Bedroom-ceiling-going-upThe bedroom is coming along bit by bit. Here are a few shots of us in the process of putting in the new ceiling. We picked up this carsiding from menards, my mom and I painted it, then Rupe and my dad put it up. Voila! done and done.

bedroom-progress2So far in the bedroom we have:

1. Taken out all the walls, floor, ceiling, doors, and bunk beds. 2. Put in new flooring. 3. Put up the new ceiling. 4. Put in drywall. 5. Framed out the new closets. 6. Put in new doors. 7. Installed a new overhead light (also from Menards).

Before moving in any furniture or decorating we still have to:
1. Mud and sand the drywall seams. 2. Hang closet doors. 3. Put in all the trim. 4. Paint. 5. Re-build one set of bunk beds.

To see how the bedroom looked before look here, to see my plan for the bedroom go here and to see the full cabin progression look here.

  • hantsu

    Looks amazing!!

  • Nicole

    I’m obsessed with the light you found at Menard’s of all places. Wish I could get it in L.A. Looks fantastic!

    • Hi Nicole, I know what you mean, maybe a trip to the mid-west is in order. ha the best part is that it was only $24!!!

  • Mary

    I know I am very late to the party but can you please tell me what kind of trim you used to bridge the gaps between the ceiling and the wall? I have seen it on later update shots – and it looks great – but I cannot find it mentioned what it was. It is so inspiring to follow the progress you have make

  • Wow, this is turning out really good. I absolutely love seeing the progress! Thanks for sharing Sarah, it’s amazing!

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