patternspy-inkblotI have always been kind of fascinated with the Rorschach test and I love how the inkblot patterns look translated into use as decoration. I recently saw an inkblot pillow in HD buttercup but I couldn’t find who it was made by or how much it was, so I passed it over. Regretting that, I went on a search and thankfully found the one above on Pigeon Toe’s online shop.

While looking I was also reminded of Mondo’s amazing dress from Project Runway’s all star season, and fell in love with Warhol’s gilded version as a print. Not sure what Rorschach would think of me wanting to splash these patterns on everything but I think they are crazy good!

1. Mondo’s Project Runway Dress // 2. Pigeon Toe Napkin // 3. Andy Warhol Print // 4. Pigeon Toe Pillow

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