bathroom afterOn the last trip over to the cabin, we finished all the rest of the work in the bathroom. It is hard to capture such a teeny tiny room on camera and next time I will try and get some more detailed shots, but for now I thought you might like to see a little side by side, before & after.

cabin bathroom beforeTo sum it all up, in the bathroom we…

1: gutted it down to the studs 2: removed all the fixtures 3: insulated & drywalled (with greenboard) 4: put in a new tankless water heater 5: re-did all the old plumbing 6: hired a guy to pour a shower base 7: tiled the shower & floors 8: installed a new toilet and sink 8: hung a new door & light fixture 9: trimmed out the window, floor, & ceiling 10: painted

and for the final touches we… hung a new shower curtain (there ended up not being enough room for a glass door, wah wahh) and I found that cool old shelf at a vintage shop for some much needed toiletry storage.

To see all of the progress on the cabin head over here.

  • Laura Bear

    Really great job! The colors and tiling are so great but I especially love the old shelf that you found. Very cabin appropriate.

    • Thank you Laura, Jackie, & Melissa. The marble tile really pops against the dark walls. I’m so happy with that color. (gargoyle shadow by behr in case you were wondering. 🙂

  • Wow what a tranformation – that looks great! Love the color and the tile.

  • Love, love, love the moody dark color in such a tiny room. Gives it so much character!

  • LOVE. I think the reason you’re such a great designer is because you are so involved in the process… whether it be with the design and fabrication of pieces for A Sunny Afternoon or your actual design.

  • Ryan

    You guys have just done such an amazing job with this cabin. I have looked at all of the pictures over and over and over and I never get tired of them. I am the wife of an architect and we have been renovating our little Venice bungelow for about 3 years now…my husband doing most of the work himself. It’s a lot of time and energy but so rewarding at the end, isn’t it? You guys must feel so proud.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Thank you for the kind words and you are right… there is something so rewarding about living in a space that you’ve put so much work into. Good luck with your bungalow!

  • Gorgeous!! I love the black paint with the white tile! That was quite the process, I’m sure, and you just make it look (and sound) effortless! Is the ceiling trimmed?


  • Wow, I love what you’ve done! Usually a dark color makes a space look so much smaller, but this is gorgeous!

  • THIS IS INSANE!! You guys are soooooo good!! MY GOD, it looks AWESOME, Sarah!!! Wow!! Well done!

  • Anne

    Another incredible transformation. You guys are so good!

  • Lindsey

    Just sensational. Your eye is so incredible, thanks for all the inspiration!

  • nasseem

    Loving this. Where is the light fixture from? Thanks!

  • I want to come and stay at your cabin!!! The kitchen is precious!!

  • I just found your blog and this cabin makeover… swoon! what an beautiful transformation!

  • I have been pouring through your cabin renovation. I am so inspired and so impressed! I have always wanted to do a renovation when we are ready to buy a home (soon?) but it seems so overwhelming. You’ve put so much hard work into it but have gotten SO much work done in not very much time. Looks like you are at a place to relax and really enjoy it now!

  • Laura

    Hi! I absolutely love your blog and cabin! You are one of my favorites! Do you have 1 light in your bathroom? If so, does it seem to provide enough light in your bathroom?

    • Hi Laura, Thank you! We do only have one light in the bathroom and it has been enough. I must say that out bathroom is SUPER tiny though. 🙂

  • manon

    would like to know the dimension of this bathroom please.

  • wow! amazing what you can do with such little space. and i’m LOVING that green door.

  • Jillian

    LOOOOOOVE!!! Where did you purchase your subway tiles from? I love the grout too!! Thanks! It looks amazing!

  • Deirdre

    Lovely bathroom! What are the dimensions? We’re in the process of planning a re-do of a similarly sized one in Venice.

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