Cabin-bedroom-designplanWe weren’t planning on tackling anything in the bedroom until the fall, but last trip there we went for it. We laid the new flooring, tore off the walls and bunk beds, and insulated. All that led me to get planning on how the room is going to come together when it has walls and paint and maybe even some furniture! So here is a little roundup of the items we have either purchased or plan to make for the bedroom.

1: Architect’s wall sconces from Restoration Hardware, 2: Wallpaper from Cole & Sons, 3: Blue velvet curtains, 4: Gold Stump Table (going to try and DIY this), 5: Tarket Laminate Flooring, 6: Cow hide rug from Ikea, 7: Wood Bench like found here, 8: Upholstered bed from Target

… and here is how the bedroom is currently looking


We are a long way off from hanging wallpaper or fluffing pillows but here it is in all its naked glory. To see the bedroom “before” photo take a look here, and to see all the progress on the cabin so far, check here.

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