It is true what every one says: january lasts forever. AND we have a lot to be grateful for 🙂

Catch up with us below and we’d love to read your “glads” in the comments!


Grateful for: We passed our first round of inspections at our #sssclovertudor project this week which means we get to plaster the walls and start bringing in all the cabinetry and finishs over there.

Learned: the rules of pickle ball. Janna and I took a couple drill classes over the last two weeks and I’m terrible at it but had so much fun. I hadn’t sent foot in a gym nor planned to since college so eh hmm 20 years but it was so fun and a highlight of the week. Doing something different and breaking up the monotony of our winter… highly recommend.

Accomplished: We sent out our first newsletter (click here to read and subscribe)! Are you signed up? And shared our next big sss personal project which is the purchase of a 1920s Mediterranean home.

Delighted in: I’ve seen the new Wonka movie three times now 😂. But it really is such a great family movie. It has stunning visuals, beautiful storytelling and full of big dreams (you know us Pisces like the dreamers) I would go see it again. The second and third time around I started picking up on more little through lines from the original Willy Wonka and Charlie’s story to this one and Willy’s story. You just notice more and more each time. I basically have only been able to watch kids movies in the theatre for the last 8 years so I was thrilled to be smiling and laughing and crying my way through a movie in the theater with my kiddos.


Grateful for: My baby bird turns two tomorrow! I am so grateful to be her mama. She is goofy, determined, and so so sweet.

Learned: a new declutterring tip on cup of jo. When going through stuff ask yourself one question, “If you were at a store right now would you buy this.”

Accomplished: getting out of the house. I always want to hunker down and pretend I’m hibernating in the winter which means I don’t do much. Went out to drinks with friends one night (the new eastern kille distillery was a delight!) and got Birdie to the library to play yesterday. It woke me up a bit from my winter fatigue.

Delighted in: checking out books at the library and reading all afternoon yesterday with birdie. Some of our favorite picks: Dim Sum Palace (Birdies reaction to this one was hilarious), My Dad is A Tree (now she loves to pretend she is a tree, see below) and Bark Georgie.

G.L.A.D. January 26



Grateful for: We took a gamble last weekend and cancelled an adults only trip to Chicago for a family ski trip up north in Michigan. It paid off and I left the weekend feeling especially grateful for the one on one chair lift time with my oldest.

learning: Sarah and I started a pickleball drills class and it’s been fun continuing to learn the game. I’ve also learned that an hour of dinking really works the buns!

Accomplished: I made this chicken leek and rice soup from smitten kitchen this week and it perfectly hit the spot!

delighted in: This week I rediscovered the album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill after catching a snippet of To Zion playing in a store. The album took me back to 1998 in all the good ways.

G.L.A.D. January 26


Grateful for: My husband has been on a bread-baking kick lately and there is a loaf in the oven right now permeating the house with the best smell. Once you eat homemade gluten-free bread it’s hard to go back to buying the options reminiscent of cardboard from the grocery store. We love Aran Goyoaga’s Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple for all things gluten-free baking.

Learned: Been learning all about lymphatic drainage from doc.talks.detox. Now I know you have to open up your 12 lymph nodes before rebounding, dry brushing, gua sha, or whatever lymphatic drainage technique you’re doing for the fluid to effectively drain.

Accomplished: Completed week one of TRX’s Mind & Body Transformation Program. I only want to spend about 30 minutes on a workout and I love how this one gets right down to business to maximize that time. It’s been a while since I consistently used the Suspension Trainer and I’m reminded how effective it is in getting a full-body workout at home.

Delighted in: Took the kids to see Wild Symphony and it was so sweet to share the magic of the symphony with them. Highly recommend a live concert if you can, but the book it’s based on is a wonderful substitute. It’s written by Dan Brown, the same guy who wrote the Davinci Code.


Grateful for: Juniper is somehow *mostly* still sleeping through the night as she is starting to get 2 molars and a bottom tooth .. (not holding my breath though! 😂)

Accomplished: made a batch of protein brownies & perfect bars so I have somewhat healthy/ tasty grab and go things

Learned: there’s a new World War II series on Apple TV that just came out, “Masters of the Air”, I love it so far..

Delight: you have all gotten me on a soup kick lately. I forgot how much I love good soup! 🍲


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