Some favorite living room designs of the year: the #sssshowhouse downstairs living room (see below) and our #palmbeachpolo living room (to your left). Deep in the design phase for other clients and keep coming back to these. And, always, I open my saved folder of living room design for inspo. Take a peek inside below and shop some living room picks I have my eyes on.

shop my living room picks:

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01 sarah sherman samuel photo daniel peter// 02 sarah sherman samuel photo joey bradshaw 03// adger many 04// jases sullivan photo prue ruscoe 05// augusta hoffman 06// colin king photo bill altright 07// coliln king photo nicole franzen 08// david lucido photo oharpaz 09// hugh jones mackintosh 10// monica fried design photo nicole franzen 11// nicole franzen photo 12// patricia urquiola 13// india mahdavi photo vincent leroux

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