Remember back in April when we bought our first #sssbuilds project? It’s been a minute and between summer travels and finishing the sss showhouse we are ready to dive into this project.

This house had me at the door… may I introduce you to the clover tudor?!

Since April, our gal was broken in by a single raccoon who wrecked havoc of the place. But she stood strong, we blocked the chimney, cleaned her up, and gave her a new roof. And she got a nice haircut out front, giving her the gift of sunlight!

Then, we messed her up a bit (for very good reason) and demoed the kitchen! And uncovered all kinds of nuances.

The kitchen floor was considerably higher than the rest of the house and upon demo they went through 6 different floors! SIX!  We also found out they added a drop ceiling with their 70s kitchen remodel. Thankfully, the original ceiling is still up there so up we go!

Things are moving along with the kitchen remodel, so while sss builds gets to work we will give you an official intro tour to our darling clover tudor.

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