DIY christmas metallic dot vaseI’m getting ready for a little holiday party at our house this weekend, so that means pulling out my go-to party accessories like this little vessel I made and used as a candle holder for my birthday party. Or, you might also have spotted it in my studio on Design Sponge where I used it as a pencil cup.  Now, I am putting it to work as a bar accessory, holding the printed straws that are a must at every party, right?

supplies neededSupplies needed // 1: Simple drinking glass (I picked up mine at the 99 cent store). 2: White spray paint (make sure to get FLAT paint. That is what makes it look porcelain like). 3: Gold leafing pen (also by Krylon, find it here)

step 1 spray paintInstructions: 1: Spray paint the glass. (two coats worked form me)

step 2 gold dots2: Starting at the top, press firmly on the very tip of the pen to create a small dot. 3: move the pen over about 1 cm and place another dot. It’s nice to do it freehand so that it doesn’t look too perfect.

step 3 gold dots repeat4: Continue all the way down the vase (I left about an inch at the bottom of free white space to anchor the pattern). That’s it! and you are done. Easy peasy right?

Christmas vase porcelain-like DIY

Images by sarah sherman samuel

  • What a great project. Great container for straws. It looks so chic!

  • heather j

    Such a fun idea. Simple too, which I like. Thanks for sharing.

  • So Kate Spade and so easy! My husband and I have been hanging onto the survivors of his first set of glasses from grad school, though we’ve bought a new set of glassware since, and I think I’ve found the perfect use for them!

  • This is awesome, and so simple!! Thank you for sharing this! I was actually about to throw out ALL my glasses like this (about 10 of ’em) due to a terrible washing-a-glass-with-my-hand-in-it-when-the-glass-blew-out (and sent me to the hospital for three stitches, eep!) but I’m going to make some of these instead!! Thanks!

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