12.17.12 weekendThere is nothing that feels more like the holidays than when you fill your home with your friends for a little Christmas bash, and that is exactly what we did this weekend. I felt so blessed to have our friends over to share in lots of holiday cheer and shrieking laughter (seriously, I still don’t have my voice back).

We have been in LA for almost 6 years now and while my husband can literally make friends in an instant, it usually takes me a little more time to develop a close kinship. Many of my closest friends are spread across the country, so while we were dancing around, smileboothing it up, I couldn’t help but be filled with gratitude for the great California based friends that have come into my life over the years. It feels great to find your tribe and even better to share your home with as many as can fit through the door.  Happy Holidays you guys!

Images from my Instagram feed. (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

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