I will try almost anything once (if it’s legal and doesn’t hurt anyone, of course); being on TV has never been a goal of mine, but a single episode seemed doable, and I’m pleased to share I didn’t even totally hate watching myself back!! Earlier this year, I was on the show “point of view: a designer profile” on magnolia network, and it just had its first debut on regular cable last weekend. If you missed it, you can still stream it now on discovery plus.

The show shared a peek into my life and design process through the renovation of cafe Gaia and our guest suite in our #samuelfamilyfixer.

Watch for the design inspiration but stay for Rupert’s tears.

I’ve already shared the reveal of the guest bath here and Gaia cafe here, so today, I’m sharing all the details that went into creating our guest bedroom.

If you watched the show, you saw that I made the headboard, and pop pop helped me install it. For the headboard, I used 3/4″ plywood and cut it down to three panels. Using a jig saw, I cut out a squiggle top. Then I cut 2″ upholstery foam to the same size and laid it on top of the wood panel.

After that, I wrapped the two together with batting, securing the batting on the back with a staple gun. To finish it off, I did the same with the fabric, wrapping and securing it with a staple gun.

I then attached them directly to the wall with these mounting brackets.

Et voila!

The fabric I had printed was one of my own designs, which you can now find in wallpaper at Lulu and Georgia (and next year sometime fabric!).

One thing the show didn’t show was the before of the space, and there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a look back at what we started with.


sss before photo of guestroom
sss home guest room

Another DIY in the room was with the wood floors. We installed those as soon as we could after moving in, and since we had a bit extra, I decided to run the wood up the wall for an upgraded wood paneling.


bedding // rug // art by rebekka seale // art sss atelier by sarah sherman samuel // chair // stools // side tables // sconces // ottoman // flooring + paneling // console table 

Photos by Nicole Franzen




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