Ok, I DID IT! Finally, our first home project and my first DIY project! Yes, first. I have painted a few rooms in my days, but I don’t count that as DIY. I follow many home DIY accounts on Instagram and have witnessed many of Sarah’s DIY projects; I just never thought I had it in me to do it! I am pretty impatient, and I doubt the process too much.

BUT Sarah’s determination is contagious. She doesn’t hesitate with what she envisions. She goes for it and makes it happen. I admire this so much about her.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do first. Our fireplace!

When we moved in, I knew immediately I wanted to do something to our fireplace.  The previous owners painted the original brick white and left the grout lines. The grout was too harsh and made it look tiled. It was much too perfect looking.

Sarah suggested using SureCrete. Sarah had never used a concrete overlay before (and obv I hadn’t either), so we watched some tutorials online and decided we would give it a try! It would have taken forever to order online, so I contacted a concrete dealer, and he directed us to a similar product called Flex-C-Ment. He also gave us a premixed, unlabeled primer in a half-gallon lemonade bottle, haha, so not sure exactly what it was. This primer would work the same.

With 3 people, we completed this project in about 2.5 hours!


1 1/2 bags of Flex-C-Ment


plastic drop cloths

painters tape

5-gallon bucket

paint roller

paint pan

drywall knife and trowel

drywall mud pan

steel spiral mixing arm (drill attachment)

step 1

prepare your area: use plastic drop cloths to cover the floors and painter’s tape around the area you cover with the cement mix.

step 2

With the paint roller, prime the whole area you will be covering.

step 3

Mix the Flex-C-Ment. We used a laundry bucket and mixed it with a steel spiral mixing arm attached to a drill. A 5-gallon bucket works just as well. Add water gradually to create a consistency somewhere between pancake batter and peanut butter.

step 4

Use a drywall knife to put the mixed Flex-C0-Ment into a drywall mud pan. Scoop the mixture out with your drywall knife and spread it onto the surface. To create texture, fan the mix. There is no perfect way to do this, and that really is what is special about it!

photo on left is 1 hour after

photo on right is 1 week after

step 5

Let it be, and let it cure! Be aware as it cures; it will start to lighten and appear blotchy. I woke up the morning after and texted Sarah terrified. Some spots will be lighter than others until the whole thing is dried. It takes a few days!

step 6

Wait a month or two to seal it. We used this concrete sealer.

We are sooo happy with how it turned out! It is my favorite part of our house 🙂

Stay tuned for the whole room!

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