wallpaper-bedroom-cole-and-sonsWe tackled a little DIY wallpaper project last trip so things are actually starting to look a little something like my bedroom plan here.

installing-wallpaperI have been holding on to this Cole & Sons wallpaper for almost 5 years now so it is nice to finally have the perfect place to put it up! I know it has been seen and done many times before but it really is just soo good that I don’t mind. 🙂

The process of putting up the wallpaper was easier then you might think. My mom assisted me, and we had it up in no time (well, almost… it took us a couple hours), and it turned out great. It is amazing to me how big of a difference it makes in the room. If you ever feel like taking this on yourself there are some great detailed instructions here. Or, if you are like me… I like to hear the steps boiled down to the very basic before jumping into a project.

So, see how I did it after the jump:

Supplies used:
1. Sure Grip Wallpaper Adhesive
2. WalWiz straight edge
3. Sharp utility knife
4. Large paintbrush (4″-ish)
5. Bucket of water
6. Paper towel or rag
7. Measuring tape

Steps I took: (this process is for non-woven wallpaper)
1. Prep/clean wall (we had just primed and freshly painted so it was ready to go)
2. Cut the first length of wallpaper a few inches longer then the wall height so there is a little extra at the end.
3. Paint the Adhesive right onto the wall with the paint brush (only enough to fully cover the space of one length of wallpaper)
4. Position the wallpaper at the ceiling first and slowly smooth down the wall.
5. If it happens to fall crooked just peel away and reposition (the adhesive and paper is very forgivable)
6. Run the straight edge along the very bottom holding it firmly against the wall, while trimming with the utility knife (like shown against the ceiling above)
7. Apply adhesive to the space directly adjacent
8. Cut your second length of wallpaper based on where the pattern repeats on the first length, leaving a few inches extra on each end to trim at ceiling and floor
9. Repeat step 4 making sure to but the edge of the wallpaper up to the other (don’t overlap).
10. Repeat steps 7,8, & 9 until you are done, using the water and paper towel to clean up any access adhesive as you go.

I hope that is helpful!  To see all the rest of the cabin progress, look here.

Images by Sarah

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