sea-change-sssChange is good right? Boy have I gone through a lot of it this year and I am keeping it going with the new site, new shop, and new (old) name. With the new site I’m bringing my blog, my design work, and my products all under one roof and one name… my name! Having all different brands was just crazy town and I’m looking forward to having things streamlined and easier for you and me to navigate. With that said, I wanted to walk you through what is new around here.

– The Name. I am saying goodbye to the name Smitten Studio as it (and I) has grown and changed so much from when I initially chose it years ago. One thing that I do know won’t change is my name so consolidating everything under that is the way to go. To differentiate the blog a little bit from the rest of the site I am titling it “Stories”, as it is a place to share DIY tales, my latest finds, and all sorts of visual stories of design.

-Email sign up! My blog finally has a place to subscribe to receive posts by email (welcome me to 2005).

-Navigation: Popular posts at the top, and main categories to the side. Hopefully you can poke around and find your favorite posts easier.

-Oh and it is prettier. 🙂

– The Name. Switching it from A Sunny Afternoon to a signature line was a tough decision as the shop was only open for two seasons but again, consolidation is the name of the game so the products are now under Sarah Sherman Samuel as well.

-New Items! I will be updating the shop with new items as I create them so check back often. There are some new boards in there now and keep a look out for some product collaborations which will be a regular thing.

-The black & white picnic basket is back!

– This section isn’t quite finished yet, but it will show my work and my design services. I just couldn’t wait to get the new blog up and running and get back to posting.

– oh and the new homepage! Here is where you’ll see the latest posts, newest products, collaborations and studio work.

I am sure there will be tweaks and changes that need to be done over the next few days so if you see something funky let me know. Thank you and happy you are here. x
UPDATE: it seems there are a LOT of tweaks and things have gone a bit haywire. Please bear with me as I get things sorted. New websites are SO FUN.

  • love the new look and i look forward to keeping up with the blog as usual! always inspiring 🙂

  • Stunning re-design and re-brand, Sarah! I look forward to following along 🙂

  • Yay congrats! It looks great! I do have some problems loading images (not in this post, but in older ones), but the lay out looks lovely! xx

  • MAN! this looks so good!!!!! I love the diamond tiles int he sidebar. you amaze me. Now watch, a million bloggers will follow suit 😛

  • So stunning! I love every detail! Congrats!

  • haha i love 2005! and you! congrats xoxoxo

  • It looks amazing- didn’t think it was possible to improve your look ! Loving the cutting boards.

  • so exciting!!! looks absolutely amazing! the old site is still active and doesn’t redirect–or is it not supposed to?

    • sarah

      Hi Megan beth, thank you! Yea we are working on it. We had it redirecting but all the images went missing when we did so trying to fix that now. 🙂

  • Soyoung

    Congratulations on the re-design! It looks amazing. Have been a fan of your work and aesthetic for a long time, and am looking forward to following along with the new look!

  • Congrats lady! It looks fantastic and the new streamlined brand makes so much sense. Just joined your mailing list too. Woo! xoxo

  • Your new site is amazing Sarah! I loved popping by to see what was happening on your blog+store before but I will definitely be stopping by more often now! The only bug I stumbled upon was an empty FAQs page… erin x

  • Congrats on the beautiful redesign and branding – I love it! Excited to shop the new products and follow along your amazing design journeys. xo Annette

  • Leyla

    Hi Sarah,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your stunning new site and all the lovely updates – and ofcourse your most exciting change this year… motherhood! Archer is so adorable and I love seeing how your beautiful aesthetic has been carried through into his room.

    I am very excited for the new/2005 (!!) feature of having your posts arrive directly into my inbox so I wont miss a thing! 😉 I have been following you for years – infact since I your Instagram was called SSSPics (or similar?) and I have loved watching your journey unfold and evolve – you are such and inspiration and I am feeling motivated to finally get around to hitting publish on my partially finished website that has been waiting in the wings for an embarrassingly long time!

    I am also about to embark on the exciting new journey of becoming a first time mum in a few weeks and hopefully will eventually successfully juggle this along side of a long dreamed of plan to pursue my own creative endeavours soon!

    Thanks for the reminder its all possible and the ongoing inspiration x

    • sarah

      Hi Leyla! ha yesss. I can’t believe you remember ssspics! I thought it was a fine name sss+pics until someone pointed out that it is also a racial slur. OOPS. haha Thanks for your comment and I am so thrilled to hear you are going to be a new mama as well. Congrats! and thank you for your kind words. x

  • Congratulations on the rebranding! I love the new layout. Having everything in one place does seem so much simpler, doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to seeing continued updates to the site and the shop!

  • Congrats chica – it’s stunning!

  • sina

    LOVE the new site design! its beautiful! And I love the rebranding/cohesiveness of it all!

    Can I ask- who designed your last site, and who designed this one?

  • Ali

    Hi Sarah, congratulations on your new beautiful site! Can you tell me which new host you chose? I’m thinking to move mine as well and having trouble deciding on which is best for hosting lifestyle content. Thanks very much! x

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