This year has been such a big year of growth for me personally and professionally. I’m excited (and a teensy/maybe a lot bit apprehensive) about sharing that, along the way, we filmed my new show, Inspired Interiors with Sarah Sherman Samuel on the Magnolia Network!

Looking back at the year, I was too busy to keep up on sharing all the things, but if there was ever a time for me to have cameras follow me around for 6 months, it was this year.

I am happy to have it all documented (or, well, at least enough snippets of it to fit into 6 short episodes) to look back on and be able to revisit this year over and over. I tend to barrel through life head first and not always spend the time to reflect and be present in these big moments. So, I am extra thrilled to be able to watch these episodes back and even better that I can watch it along with you! (barring I’m not too cringey to watch to you or me).

On my year-end reflections last year, I named 2021 a year of building. The last few years have been just that. So much behind-the-scenes work, designing products and interiors with extended timelines. And now 2022 has been the year of fruition. A time that many of the things I’ve been chipping away at for years have come to life. As we started wrapping a batch of long-term client projects, I also launched my first furniture collection with Lulu and Georgia. I had my dream come true to have a pop-up showroom in LA featuring the collection along with our rugs and pillows. I also launched our new site SSS Atelier, shared my first collection of original artwork, designed my first personal new build, the #sssshowhouse, and added a couple of team members along the way. And wait until you hear what Rupe has been up to.

The show follows my life, work, and our growth as a SSS team and family this year. It’s a little messy, with a lot of heart, and hopefully will find you inspired!

The show premieres on Wednesday, November 2 at 8p/7c on the Magnolia Network! Or you can stream the show on discovery+ or the Magnolia app.

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