This year has been a big year of long-awaited projects and designs coming to fruition. I’ve only just started to catch my breath and be able to reflect on what has happened so far! In February, right before my 40th birthday, I launched my first furniture collection with Lulu & Georgia. What started seven years ago with the first coffee table I designed, I was finally able to put the whole collection out into the world.

I designed the collection over the years, piece by piece, not knowing where it would be produced or how, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to flesh it out and make a few custom one-offs of some of the designs here and there for clients. Along the way, I partnered with Lulu & Georgia to create my first rug collection, and the stars began to align. Working with them on the rugs was the best experience, but I wasn’t aware of their furniture capabilities at the time. For the rugs, they not only put their complete trust in me to design anything I wanted but then executed it perfectly, all while being so great to work with. They knew I had been chipping away on a furniture collection behind the scenes, so when they sat me down in one of their meeting rooms on a rug sample visit to say, “SARAH, let us produce your furniture!” by then, it was a no-brainer. I couldn’t dream up a better partner to bring the full collection to life and make it available to everyone.

Since launch, we’ve been trying to keep up with stock. Much of it sold out way sooner than anticipated. The ripple chair went first, which we just restocked and sold out immediately again. But don’t fear; we will restock again!

Our newest addition to the collection is mirrors and an art capsule inspired by the beaches and waters I’ve always called home. It also includes two of my paintings. The first time I’ve ever had my original art reproduced for sale and I can’t wait to see them in your homes.

lulu and georgia and sarah sherman samuel art collaboration

Every piece has it’s own story. Many of them named after people and places that I love. I hope you enjoy perusing the collection and if you choose one for your space I am so thankful that I get to be a part of your home’s story.

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