It’s here! Yesterday we launched our sss atelier furniture collection. Inspired by the landscape I grew up in,  I wanted to explore what it was to work with the highest quality materials while working with the deep lineage of craft and skill from the makers in my own backyard.

After moving from Los Angeles to the woods of Michigan, I finally had the space I didn’t really appreciate just how much I craved… the space to spread out, sync with nature, and create. the summers I’ve spent time making large scale art amongst the tress while tapping into the inspiration from the land I grew up in.

This is probably the most personal collection yet. Rooted in themes of place, community, and design and how each is made stronger by the whole.

I believe we keep design and craft alive in this country by putting attention on it, by feeding it, nurturing it. This felt like my opportunity to do just that.


A nod to the smooth stones found on lake michigan beach walks, skimming stones are a collection of organic shaped tables that can be nested together or treated as coffee and side tables. A thick bullnose top evokes the edge of a tumbled smooth stone, while three cylindrical bases anchor the piece. Available in our four stone stop options and an oak, walnut, or ebonized oak base.


Inspired by the trees surrounding sarah’s home and studio, the ledge side table roots down in organic shaped solid wood legs and features a custom double bullnose edge top. Available in white oak, walnut, and ebonized oak. Pairs beautifully with the ledge coffee table. Also available with a stone top.


Inspired by the ripples in the sand of the lake michigan shoreline, the movement table boasts an impressive 37 layers of wood in its base. The top features a reverse chamfer edge; available in oak, walnut, or ebonized oak. Also available with a stone top.


Inspired by the structural design of forts sarah made as a child, the fort credenza is a mighty 8′ of storage floating on 7″ blocks. Available in oak, walnut, or ebonized oak.

The pieces in this capsule collection have been the kind of bespoke furniture I have been creating for clients and I am thrilled to make them available to live on in the homes of others.

Tapping into the long lineage of craftsman in the Grand Rapids area, every piece of the collection is made here in Michigan with the highest quality materials. As an interior designer I am always searching for furniture that also serves as art. I am also continually looking to customize pieces for my clients home. I created this capsule collection with that in mind. With our curated selection of finishes stocked, my hope is to make it easier for the rest of the design trade as well. Each of the tables are available with a stone or wood top. We have four different stones to choose from and three wood finishes to make each piece customizable. You can view the entire collection here on sss atelier.

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