That aged-steel spiral staircase, at Australia’s Ross Farm, caught my eye, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Then I saw the Japanese timber bath, opened my airline app, and packed my bags. I’d like to sit and soak in that tub for daysss.

The barn at Ross Farm is just one of three properties on the farm. The barn is inspired by natural formations and textures found nearby Wilson’s Promontory National Park. The place was designed with an earthy palette and materials like brass and granite. The combination creates quite the sanctuary!

Make sure to take a peek at all the properties. They are all equally stunning and special!

This crisp cotton caftan seems perfect for exploring Australia, and I’d pair it with some sneakers to up the comfort. You can’t go to Australia without a hat or sunglasses. This bag is the perfect size for a carry-on, aka big enough to carry all my airplane snacks. This bronze suitcase fits the farm’s design aesthetic, and these travel bottles are pretty and practical. And we are back to this book: we read it as a group at the office, and even the second time around, I am getting so much from it. I love the message it spreads that everyone is a creator.

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