Borgo Gallana

If you follow me, you know we’ve traveled A LOT in the last three months. These next few months are quiet (no planes), only short-distance road trips, BUT I’ve been dreaming of what a recharge/relax (maybe solo?) vacation looks like, and I have found it.

Welcome to the Italian life at Borgo Gallana. This haven is in Ovia, a small town in Puglia, Italy. It consists of three country houses designed to reflect the simple living of Puglia. The grounds are covered in olive trees, fruit trees, and medicinal plants of the Mediterranean. Just looking at the photos of this place relaxes and calms me. 

Here’s what I am packing. I imagine never leaving the place so one outfit is enough, right? And i’ll probably need at leave five books. But i’ll get into the Italian state of mind with this one. And this suit i’ll prob live in. I love these shoes to roam in. And this is the perfect size bag, big enough for a book and sunnies. If I decide to leave Borgo Gallana heaven, i’d pair this shirt with the skirt and slip on this ring.

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  • […] crisp cotton caftan seems perfect for exploring Australia, and I’d pair it with some sneakers to up the comfort. You can’t go to Australia without a hat or sunglasses. This bag is the perfect size for a carry-on, aka big enough to carry all my airplane snacks. This bronze suitcase fits the farm’s design aesthetic, and these travel bottles are pretty and practical. And we are back to this book: we read it as a group at the office, and even the second time around, I am getting so much from it. I love the message it spreads that everyone is a creator. […]

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