The words out that the show house is FINISHED. It truly is, and it’s a dream. Designed from the ground up by me with architectural assist from Mera Studio (formerly known as fort architecture) and filled with my product and furniture designs and brands and artists I adore.

Including the pantry! I gave you a sneak peek at the willy wonka ladder with my last update. And now, here I am, living out my willy wonka candy man dreams in the finished pantry!

I wanted this space to be part display but also a major workhorse for the showhouse kitchen. It’s on the other side of the range wall, accessible from both sides, with shelves up to the ceiling. The kitchen is light and bright, and I wanted the pantry to feel warm and rich, so we went with California Closets black cabinets and carried the Stuga flooring (in Shell) up the opposite wall, so from the main space, you get a glimpse of that warmth.

When designing the pantry, I was also designing my tabletop collection with Lulu and Georgia. Thinking that one day I would fill the pantry with my bowls and plates and mugs was inspiring, and now, to see them there, on the shelves, makes me realize they were designed with this house in mind 🙂

The dinnerware brings an artful, elegant touch, and the baskets bring natural warmth and texture. My second best talent is designing charcuterie boards; my cheese boards were designed precisely for that. They are also pretty to just look at. And one of my favorite pieces is the wrinkle bowl. I love the versatility of it. Use it on the counter to hold fruit and vegetables or as a statement on your dining table (or anywhere).

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pasta bowl// dinnerware// ceramic canister// scallop vase// wrinkle bowl// cane basket// ribbon mug// cheese board// stoneware pitcher// amphora vase

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