Even here in Michigan we are experiencing a heat-wave. And when that happens you spend as much time as possible next to Lake Michigan or a pool. So last week for our sss team meeting we did just that, we sat in the sun on the beach staring at Lake Michigan and planned and dreamed together. Of course, no one brought beach chairs or an umbrella or a cooler (I guess we aren’t used to what a beach meeting means hah) so after 4 hours in the sun we were all burned to a crisp. Yes we even used sunscreen. And after a long discussion we all decided we love this one (and should have used more of it)

So after out beach meeting I went looking for an umbrella and chairs for our next beach outing. What I was prepared with at our meeting was a swimsuit, hat and sunglasses. I love this umbrella and this one. And this rattan beach chair is perfect and this one is simple and looks easy to carry. How fun is this pretty blue travel lounger, I’ll keep it in my car so I am never without again! Swimsuits are my weakness and I might need this one and this one.


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sunglasses// hat// beach chair// kaftan// swimsuit// beach umbrella

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