One way to my heart is dining al fresco. Specifically, in a garden overlooking the lake, at dawn, bathed in candlelight, with lots of laughing and bread… something sweet… and a couple of margaritas… haha. Not too much to ask, right?

I’ve never dined al fresco more than with Sarah. It’s a delight of hers. So, it’s no wonder she designed the dreamiest outdoor furniture collection. All perfected to enhance the surrounding nature and ensure you enjoy it most comfortably. You’ve seen it, right?

See some of our ideal al fresco dining settings below and shop all of our picks!

shop our al fresco picks:

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01// sarah sherman samuel. lulu and georgia 02// 3rd ritual 03// 36 short spirits, craig mark ham 04// ashley t stark, jeremiah brent, studio william hefner 05// ephemeralariel 06// gubi official 07// gubi official, sebastian mendez 08// objet la ny 09// sarah sherman samuel. lulu and georgia 10// sarah sherman samuel. lulu and georgia 11// the flint house. owen gale photography 12// top world hotel. polina elenaraisa

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