12.23 weekend snow play and wood workWhenever Rupe and I get to Michigan over the holidays we go into what we call hibernation mode. The darker skies, the biting cold, and the shorter days, all tend to make us move a little slower, stay tucked inside a little longer, and get A LOT more sleep. It is my favorite time to unwind and get some serious rest from our much busier schedules in LA. The first snowfall came after a few days of being lazy and that’s what brought us outside to play like two little kids and then inevitably return inside to warm up with some hot coffee and, thanks to my mom, fresh baked goods. Have I mentioned that I love the holidays?

The only work I plan on getting done over Christmas is in my dad’s wood shop where the projects are way more enjoyable than some of the other mundane tasks that can sometimes fill my workdays.  I can easily lose hours making pieces and tweaking others in preparation for my product line launch. I hope you guys are getting as excited about it as me!

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

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