fancy paws // birds of a feather // smitten studioI could not be more excited to share a few of my favorite photos from the Fancy Paws event I was a part of a couple of weeks ago.

fancy paws // birds of a feather // smitten studioI have to say, any day spent styling up and playing with a bunch of puppy dogs is going to be a good day. However, add in Sarah Yates, the rest of the Birds of a Feather ladies, the fact that we were raising money for NKLA (an organization I am happy to support), I got to see some of you guys, and it was almost too good to be true.

How cute are these faces? It is just too much.

Oh and of course I had to get my little darlings Pikku & Cracker in on the action…

fancy paws // birds of a feather // smitten studiofancy paws // birds of a feather // smitten studioIt is hilarious to see the personalities of each one come out in the photos… my crazy Cracker and my regal Pikku.

Make sure to check out Sarah Yates’ blog, A house in the Hills, and the Birds of a Feather’s blog for more photos from the day. You can also read more about Fancy Paws here. Also, a big thank you goes out to the Forge for sponsoring.

If you attended the event and want to share your dog’s images on instagram or twitter hash tag them #fancypawsevent… and let us know so everyone can see more of the pretty pup pics!

Images by Birds of a Feather // Styled by Sarah Yates & Sarah Sherman Samuel

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