diy-giant-party-bows-sarahshermansamuelYou may recognize these big bad bows from my 30th birthday party. Since the feature on 100 Layer Cake and the photos I posted here, I have received a few inquiries on how to make these oversized fascinators (or fantasticles as Rupert calls them). So, here is a quick & festive DIY project to adorn your noggin at your next party.

supplies-neededSupplies needed: • 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11″ heavy weight cover paper • 4 sheets of 20 x 30″ tissue paper • 1 plastic headband • washi tape (I got this gold striped one at Urbanic) • scissors • double stick tape


1. Take 2 of the 4 sheets of tissue paper and fold them in half to measure 15 x 20″. 2. Pull up one corner and gather the tissue to midpoint. 3. Pull up the other side and gather to meet the first corner. 4. Repeat for the two remaining corners gathering all corners to midpoint as shown.

steps-5-105. Wrap tape around the gathered ends making sure to secure all of the edges. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 on the remaining sheets of tissue paper to make 2 halves of the bow. 7. Overlap the two taped ends of the bow halves & wrap tape around to secure together. 8. Now, add the headband. Secure by wrapping the tape around and around pulling taught as you go. (9 & 10 are optional but I found this strengthens the bow and keeps it up right) 9. Cut a mini bow shape out of the heavy cover stock that mimics the shape of the bow. 10. Use double stick tape to attach it to the back.

Now put that puppy on your head because you are ready to party!


DIY images: by sarah  // Party images: by Smilebooth

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