holiday gift wrap diygift-wrap-diy3I received a few requests to further explain my DIY wrapping paper from my gift exchange party so here she is…

I love homemade wrapping paper for quite a few reasons. It makes a gift a little extra special, it only takes a few minutes, it can actually save time if you are like me and make it out of what is already on hand at your house, and it can end up being a lot more inexpensive. Oh and instead of trying to find the perfect wrap to suit your style you just make it!

gift-wrap-diySupplies needed: I used a mix of kraft, black and white paper as the base. You can get large rolls from an art or craft store // Scissors // Gold Tape // Black and white Twine // White Paint Marker // Greenery (i used some snips of evergreen and eucalyptus)

cozy-gift-party14For the gold striped boxes all I did was wrap the metallic gold tape around every inch and half or so connecting the tape end to end. For the twine wrapped presents I just wrapped them round and round a bunch of times making a criss cross pattern and topped them with a bit of evergreen.

gift-wrap-diy2I wanted to keep all the wrap cohesive so it all looks great together under the tree of course, so creating just a couple different patterns and mixing up the background color with the black, craft, and white paper was the way to go. For the last (and my favorite) pattern I drew little modern trees (aka triangles) on the craft and black paper with the white paint marker, tied them up with the twine, and topped it off with a little eucalyptus for that touch of green.

I can’t wait to start ripping these open, I mean, give these away, Christmas morning.

Photos by Connie & Tommy of The Great Romance Photo

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