Cabin marble  Bathroom

YIPPEEE for a toilet! …and for a sink and shower too for that matter. I’d say the bathroom has come a long way from this, and although we still have some things left to do, at least we have a functional bathroom (we were living with it like this for just a few days too many). I am absolutely loving how the marble tile floor turned out and how it looks with the white subway tile and the dark grout.

Here is what we have accomplished so far in the loo: gutted it down to the studs, dry walled, had our tile guy pour the base for the shower and tile, installed the toilet and sink, hung a new door, put in a new light fixture and all of the trim.

Still to do: paint the walls, find and hang a mirror, install shelving, and figure out how to put in a glass shower door in such limited space.

To see all of the cabin progress check here.

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