Here is a round up of a few of the main items that we have bought to go into the bathroom. 1: Kingston Brass Faucet, 2: White subway tile 3: Pedestal sink, 4: Hanging round mirror, 5: Marble tile, 6: Delta shower head 



… and here is a little look into the progress we have made so far and how we left the bathroom at the end of our last trip.

So far we have: torn everything out, (which is great as far as progress, but while spending nights there without a shower, sink, or toilet it got rather interesting to say the least), insulated, dry-walled, put in a new tankless water heater, re-did all the plumbing and had the shower base poured. We hired a professional tile guy to put in the shower base and tile for us … which is our first, and most likely, only job that we will have contracted out. (well… other than the exterior paint which was done by a family friend that also happens to be an amazing professional painter so I don’t think that counts.)

I look forward to our next stay when I no longer have to bathe in the lake or pee off the side of the deck in the pitch black night.


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