samuel A-frame My parents are visiting from Michigan, so on Sunday we headed down to Palm Springs to scope out the A-frame, start making plans, and treat my mom and dad to some r&r in the desert. Hopefully I sufficiently buttered them up enough to get some more free labor (like on the Michigan cabin) once the renovations begin.

My current favorite space at the A-frame is the garden. Along with the rest of the place, it’s in need of a lot of love, but filled with cactus, fruit trees, eucalyptus and olive trees! Major oasis potential. My black thumb won’t do anyone any good here, but I am willing to learn, so any landscaping/gardening recommendations are gladly accepted.

Hope you had a lovely start to the week. x

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • I’m loving this new A frame house and well established garden around it! I’ve a little homestead cabin north of Joshua Tree and my land is similar. I suggest going to Unique Garden center on 29 Palms Hwy in Yucca Valley and talk to Mike. Each mini-eco system in the desert has it’s own requirements RE: water, temperature and wildlife (deer and rabbits can love to eat what you grow), so it helps to get advice from an experienced pro. He’ll know a landscape designer if you need that too.

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