Everything here at the sss studio is inspired by nature. We owe it all to you, Mother Nature!

For example, at sss atelier, our kamp chair is inspired by Sarah’s favorite childhood pastime, long days, and sleepovers under the stars. The alba seating design and name is after a Michigan wildflower, Prenanthes alba, with its petal-like box pleated skirt and sculptural form. The trees surrounding Sarah’s home and studio inspired the ledge tables. Our skimming stone tables are a nod to the smooth stones found on Lake Michigan beach walks. The movement table reflects the ripples in the sand of the Lake Michigan shoreline. And our fort credenza imitates the forts Sarah made in the woods as a child. 

Happy earth week! Take a look at our recent saves inspired by nature below.


nature picks:

photo credits:

01// sarah sherman samuel photo daniel peter// 02 alana burns 03// n/a 04// n/a 05// alexandra kehayoglou 06// balmain olivier rousteing 07// n/a 08// dwiseman studio 09// hilke muslim 10// marianna kennedy 11// object la ny 12// outline brooklyn 13// studio gian carlovalle

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