I want it all painted black, please!

If there is one consistent thing about me, I wear black almost every day. And naturally gravitate towards the color in general. So, a round-up of all the furniture, interiors, and fashion from my saved folder was easy and necessary. Starting with sarah’s perfect wall art showcased in the sss show house. And the show house at night?! That striped tiled bathroom of my absolute dreams, all the mara hoffman dresses, lime wash paint forever…

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photo credits:

01// sarah sherman samuel photo daniel peter 02// portola paints 03// rupp studio 04// sarah sherman samuel photo joseph bradshaw 05// mara hoffman 06// far studio 07// heidi caillier design 08// heidi caillier design 09// est living 10// mara hoffman 11// atelier ecru gallery 12// hunter house design

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