diving // sarah sherman samuelIt was one of those weekends that flashed by in a nano-second and didn’t feel much like a break, but we did manage to steal a moment to plunge into a neighbor’s pool. This was also a very fitting image for the weekend because I have had this song on repeat yet again, now that Børns has released his first full album. When I first saw him on Conan O’brian, maybe a year ago-ish, I couldn’t get that song out of my head. I played it for Archie while he was in the womb hoping to instill some good music taste early. YOU WILL LIKE IT ARCH! haha. It wasn’t until more recently I found out he is from my hometown in Michigan! We went to the same high school, which kinda blew my mind. I love seeing great talent come out of Michigan and he is no exception.

Image by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • Julia

    I LOVE that song! Great album for summer which is just getting started now in NZ. Thanks for your great blog! I look forward to it every morning. x

  • Oh my gosh! What an incredibly fitting picture. “10,000 Emerald Pools” probably my favorite song from his EP! Love the album but am a little sad that “Seeing Stars” didn’t make the album.

  • Christine

    I worked on the music video! We spent a night throwing glitter into a pool. Weird and fun stuff.

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