korakia / palm springs // sarah sherman samuelLast week I headed out to one of my favorite spots in the desert, Korakia Pensione. Seeing as they don’t allow children, I didn’t think I would be headed back for a while. However, luck of all lucks, I worked on a shoot with Sunset Magazine in Palm Springs which landed me happily in the charming oasis.

korakia // palm springs // sarah sherman samuelkorakia / palm springs / sarah sherman samuelEven though you are deep in the desert, there are moments you’ll feel like you’ve been transported somewhere along the Mediterranean. Each room is different, most have small kitchens and some have fireplaces which ups the already high romantic factor. When you check in, you are given an actual key to your named (not numbered) room, breakfast is included in the price and served every morning in the courtyard, bikes are available to use at no charge, and they play movies outside each night under the stars. It’s details like these that make the place like magic.

korakia, palm springs / sarah sherman samuelkorakia | palm springs | sarah sherman samuelkorakia - palm springs - sarah sherman samuelAs I headed out for the 2.5 hour drive after putting Archer down for the night, with only the lights of other cars and the music on the radio to keep me company, I realized I hadn’t been by myself for more than a few moments since before Archer was born (7 months) and I have to say it felt good. Coming from someone that has worked from home for a couple years now, I was extremely used to, and probably took for granted, alone time. From the moment Arch arrived, things have been non-stop and having solo downtime was nowhere near my radar. I have to say I am thankful to have happened upon it, as I could feel my shoulders relax and my head start to de-stress as I drove into the night. Of course I was equally excited to get back to my babe and babe of a husband after the trip, but it was definitely an eye-opening reminder saying hey mama, you need some quiet time too.

So I say… if you find yourself in need of a retreat, grab your lover or yourself (well maybe not grab yourself, but you know what I mean) and head to a peaceful getaway, and if you are near Palm Springs, I highly recommend it be Korakia.

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

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