AND WE ARE LIVE! Today is launch day for my tabletop and decor, ceramics, pillows AND fabric by the yard collection! This spring collection with Lulu and Georgia carries so many emotions. These have been a long time in the making, and I’m thrilled to get them out in the world. I know I probably say that with every collection, but it is also true every time. So much goes into designing products. From sketching to the finished project, I think of a million steps between each piece as part of the whole and as individuals.

The fabric, specifically, I am excited not only to use in my own interior projects (#1 reupholstering my collection of vintage furniture) but also to see the fabrics take on a new life with all the different applications by others.

Family meal time is also an essential ritual in our home, so the thought of my work being a part of breaking bread and gathering around a table for others is such a treat. What can I say I’m a sappy pisces that finds and puts meaning into everything I do. A collection launch like this is my Super Bowl x 100.

The fabric and wallpaper collection came from my love of pattern mixing and layering. Stripes are an essential element to have in any designer’s arsenal. They can give interest in a minimalist space or be the perfect grounding pattern to mix with others in a maximalist space. I hand-painted most patterns in the collection before converting them to digital art to preserve the irregularities and imperfections you get from a human hand. The Tiger pattern is the anchor, a collaboration between my then 6 year old son Archie. He had drawn the tigers, which I was so taken with; I then mimicked his style to create the trees, brought them into Illustrator, cleaned them up a bit, and made a repeat pattern.

Along with my fabric by the yard, some of Lulu and Georgia’s existing furniture pieces can now be made with the SSS fabric!

Also SO many pillows. 30 to be exact. I have been wanting an extra long bolster for bed styling which I’ve only been able to come up with as custom, so I am thrilled Lulu and Georgia was on board with me adding it to the assortment. It is 53″ long to be able to stretch wide across a queen or king bed and make styling of a bed foolproof. Bed styling is an art and one that I loath because it is so hard! I created these pillow shapes with simplifying it in mind.

And to wrap it all up, we have added new sizes and color options to a few of my existing furniture pieces. The clover stool in a new gorgeous green, the clouded coffee table now comes in a rectangular shape, a new side table to match the doric dining table, and we’ve rounded out the merrit collection offering both color ways in all the pieces. But the one I am most excited about is the bench version of the Rise daybed, for people who don’t have a place for a daybed, the bench profile is perfect.

Shop the full collection here, I hope you love!

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to learn more about my furniture launch with Lulu and Georgia go here

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