I knew the front door of the show house had to make a big statement. Paired with my fluted brick from concrete collaborative I wanted something special and one of a kind. I turned to Maiden Steel and chose their oversized entry pivot door that could be customized and made to order.

The process was even simpler than expected. I requested a quote online and sent over my desired size, and Todd and his team reviewed the design with me and told me that I could even do a custom handle. I wanted the handle to be minimal and not take away from the door but also be unique and reflect the rest of the house’s design language. So, after a few sketches, I came up with just a slight zig-zag where your hand goes and kept the rest of the handle straight. The door was then hand-built in California. My design was simple, the size was the ultimate detail (7 feet wide! By 9 feet high), and the perfect personal touch was my custom squiggle handle.

If you watch episode 4 of my show “Inspired Interiors,” you can see the epic door getting installed. It was a highlight of the process.

Once installed, you’d think a door of that size would be cumbersome to open with such weight, but it pivots so easily it almost feels weightless as it glides. Incredible engineering and a major showpiece to the show house, Maiden Steel, made my front-entry dreams come true.


design by sarah sherman samuel

architecture by Mera Studio Architects

photography by joseph bradshaw and daniel peter

read more about the show house here

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