chandelier shopping // smitten studioRemember when our house looked like this. It was after phase one of the kitchen renovation and when we were still trying to make the house look like it wasn’t all under construction (and before we gave up that pipe dream in our third month of the major renovation). You will be able to see how we’ve been living lately in the next post, but I wanted to take a look at this for my chandelier shopping needs.

I am sure we all can agree that lighting makes such a difference in a house. I have a real weakness for beautiful modern chandeliers. I could lose hours (and I already have) happily shopping for the perfect one. Here are my top picks!

modern chandeliers - round up // smitten studioLucky for me (not so lucky for the pocketbook) I have places for THREE different chandeliers! Two you’ll see in the photo above, one over the dining table and one to replace the ceiling fan, and the third will be in the master bedroom.

Zanadoo Chandelier // Kalmar Dome Ceiling Light // Thirteen Arm Vintage Chandelier // Agnes Chandelier // Meurice by Jonathan Adler // Satellite Chandelier by DWR


modern chandeliers - round up // smitten studioOne of my favorite sources for lighting is 1st Dibs, they have so many amazing vintage lamps. Of course most are way out of my budget, but it still helps to narrow down the style I want and it also makes me think doing a DIY like this one or this one, might also be a great option.
Which ones are your favorites?

Twelve Light VIntage Chandelier // Priti Chandelier // Satellite Six Chandelier // Stilnovo Vintage Chandelier // Black Cord Chandelier by Brendan Ravenhill // Half Dome Pendant by Allied Maker

For more product round-ups look here.
For all the product sources in the top photo look here.

  • Lately I haven’t been able to stop noticing chandeliers anywhere I go (restaurants, clothing stores, etc.). I love Twelve Light and Stilnovo!

  • Kristina

    I’ve been going for stuff like the priti and agnes-types; I’ve already downloaded the Lindsey Adelman thing and it’s on my life list to build that. There’s just something about the angles and scale that I love. The ones with huge globe bulbs remind me too much of the military housing I grew up in.

  • Twelve Light is lovely!

  • Margo

    Agnes, satellite six and black cord

  • I love the priti and black cord. Generally I like them all but some just seam like in time might be a little too much.

  • Ann Langlois

    Zanado (fantastic!) and Twelve Light.

  • trotula

    I think that half dome (depending on its scale) would be perfectly subtle in the dining room so that the living room chandelier can be the star. My initial favorite for the big living room statement chandelier was twelve light, but after looking at them all together I think I like zanadoo better. It’s dense, so it has a lot of visual impact, and it’s jaggedness breaks up the roundness of the kitchen pendants and half dome nicely. Ha, I seem to have thought about that way too much. Excited to see what you do!

  • reluctanthippie

    Black Cord is really speaking to me, and Satellite is a classic.

  • Your home is lovely! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Love the cabinets and granite you picked in the kitchen and am currently stalking a rug like yours in the living room.


  • Virginia

    Hi Sarah,

    I just recently found your site and am in love with your renovation! Can you tell me where your dining room table was purchased?


  • […] only took me two years but I finally decided on a chandelier for over the dining table. I rounded up a few of my favorites way back when but never pulled the trigger. Chandeliers are so expensive and I wanted something […]

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