house update, stuccoOk guys, sorry for the lack of house updates. There hasn’t been anything too exciting going on and everything is still so not pretty, it isn’t very inspiring to take photos of, or look at, really. Thankfully the end is getting near(ish) and most of the major stuff is done! I can’t wait for the day that we can clean everything out of there and start over with a brand new blank slate. A status update on all the rooms and, as promised, a bit of the reality of living through a renovation, after the jump…

exterior-paint-colorsThe Exterior: the white part you see is the final coat of stucco that still needs to be painted. We keep going back and forth about either painting the house white or a charcoal color, (similar to the cabin). Swatches of various shades of charcoal have found themselves all over the house, but it  has helped us narrow it down. It’s amazing how a color can look completely different on opposite sides of the house.

bedroom-chaosThis is the bedroom we have set up camp in for the duration of the renovations. If I was to give some advice to someone living through a renovation it would be to have one space to escape to, one thats done and beautiful. This is something we failed to do (other then my studio, I thank God everyday for that!). Every night when I climb into that bed that is way to big for the room, sandwiched in between Rupe’s closet, that is a garment rack at the foot of the bed, and the spare mattress, I just have to close my eyes and remind myself it is temporary. On the bright side, the dogs don’t seem to mind, as we have given in to letting them sleep on the bed since there isn’t much room for them anywhere else (that is also my favorite part because I love me some puppy cuddles. :).

bedroom-chaos2new-bedroomBut… check out our new bedroom in the making! The wood floors are in and just have to be stained and sealed, the room trimmed out and painted and we will be in here in no time.

under-constructionAnd then there is the living room that we haven’t been able to live in. The best part about this photo is that chandelier! We went with the Meurice by Jonathan Adler for the living room and couldn’t be happier. Now just to get the rest of the place looking less like a storage space and more like a home before Rupe and I sell everything, buy a camper van and head off into the sunset (we are seriously considering it).

kitchen-wall-down-laundryroom-floorsIt made such a huge difference in the kitchen to take that wall down and add on a separate laundry room, we are pleased as punch. Now we just have to patch the wood floors where the wall came down, add in the kitchen cabinets, extend the countertops, install the dish washer, paint the toe-kicks, trim out the laundry room, and we will be in business. We are going on three months without laundry and I am just happy I don’t have co-workers at this point because I’m pretty sure I’d be the smelly one.

So that’s where we are folks, my dirty laundry aired out to everyone (literally!). To see all of the renovation progress go here. To see all the before photos check here.

  • I love what has been done so far! It looks so bright and sun filled. I’m sure you’ll be glad to get your space back. Renovations take there toll! lol

  • Kathryn

    Girl, it’s looking good! I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  • emma

    Renovating is tough isn’t it!
    Your place is looking incredible though. Soon you will have your new home – and no builders or extra bodies making a mess in it 🙂

  • everything looks so great, and I’m loving the new look of your kitchen!

  • We just moved and there are boxes and shi+ EVERYWHERE. Last night I just started crying, ‘We are NEVER going to be unpacked…’ and then I see how you’re living, which is (1) comforting, and (2) I can imagine there have been a few mini meltdowns for you too. Feels so unsettled to live amongst chaos, so I feel for you (‘…just have to close my eyes and remind myself it’s temporary’).

    Choosing the outside colour would be hard! I LOOOOVE the colour you did the cabin and think it would look chic on your home… but white is nice also, lol.

  • Even though it is a work in progress, I can tell its going to be absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished result!

  • Elizabeth

    Looking great!! I am so happy you posted the non-glamorous photos as well. I think it’s good for everyone to see the reality of a renovation. We live in Venice too and have slowly been renovating our bungalow and it’s HARD to live through the construction. Yes, it’s exciting to see things come together, but really tough to live through the chaos, dust, unprettiness, etc. We were without a kitchen for about 3 months and I was losing my mind. When we were renovating the back half of the house, I used to have to walk outside and around the house to get from the bedroom to the kitchen. Once we had friends staying over and one friend walked out of the bathroom and fell into a whole in the floor. Oye. Hang in there!!

  • Ann

    I’ve been enjoying watching your renovation progress…you are doing a wonderful job! Where did you get the mustard yellow quilt on your bed? I’ve been on the hunt for one that same color.

  • Natalie

    It looks like you added so much more room and airy light, when in fact it was just a couple of hundred square feet. Very motivating! I can’t wait to show my husband the final reveal so he is on board with what you can do to a small dark bungalow with a vision.

  • Thanks guys! and yes, Emma that sounds like heaven!

  • haha Amanda, oh yes, thank you! I feel for you too. I have definitely had a few mini meltdowns and some not so mini. 😉 Good luck with getting settled in. x

  • Hi Elizabeth, ha yes! I love hearing these stories. Reminds me I’m not alone. 🙂 Hilarious about your visitor falling into a hole in the floor. Our workers have turned the plumbing off so many times I often have to go to the supermarket to go to the bathroom! at least it makes you appreciate things when its done and everything becomes SO convenient. 🙂

  • Hi Anne, thank you! It is from West Elm.

  • Love the lighting! I also have been watching your renovation process, and it makes me want to get started on my own:).

  • We went through a renovation last year and I know the feeling of not having a finished, peaceful space to escape to. It will all be worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing the reality of what living through a renovation is really like. At least there’s always champagne!

  • I love it!!! You’re doing great and it will be SO worth the camping inside of the house when it’s done!! Cannot wait to see the final product of your home!!!! Hang in there!

  • TJ

    Love your kitchen cabinets! Where are they from? Thanks!

  • Amanda Williams

    Hey Sarah

    Yes doing a home remodel is so exhausting but also so rewarding once it’s all done and all your style which is amazing by the way. I do have a question for you. We are actually in the process of picking out an exterior color. I wanted a dark charcoal color but not black. Although I love black I think in my neighborhood it may be too much. Would you mind letting me know the top right color of the charcoal you have sampled on your house. I really like it. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Amanda,
      Sure! It’s called cracked pepper by Behr (it’s actually the same color as we used on the cabin and looks so different in this environment!)

  • Mary

    So pretty! What color is the white paint you are using? I don’t see a way to subscribe via email. Am I missing something?

  • Love all the progress, I’ve just finished a renovation but didn’t live in it so hats off to you!! We are still in the honeymoon phase of being home again and keep thinking we are in a holiday home as it’s so lovely, I am sure you know what I mean :o) Jenna,

  • shawn miller


    If you get time, can you tell me what exterior door brand you used.

    Thanks so much.

  • Jenny

    What color stain is on your wood floors?
    Love it all!

  • A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this arlecti.

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