diapaer-bag-essesntialsThis month’s real talk topic is all about the goods, the diaper bag goods that is. The what we lug around with us and why and it is yet another one of the topics where I feel like I should be the last one giving advice on. I am kind of a serial non-preparer. I will never forget the first few times we left the house after Archer was born (unfortunately it was only for more hospital visits for me or doctors appointments for Arch) but we would walk out of the house without a dang diaper back every single time. The first time was at our first visit to the pediatrician and Rupert ran out the door and jumped into the car drove home to grab it and came back before the doctors assistant was able to finish her sentence saying it’s ok we have diapers and wipes here.

I also hardly ever carry a purse and have been known to lose a credit card or two every couple months once in a while because I usually leave the house with nothing but my credit card in my pocket.

So with that said, I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing about what all the other mamas from our series have hiding in their diaper bags, and what has them ready for every situation.

But in case you are wondering… I have rounded up the things I actually do use, whether I remember to take them or not is a whole different story.

diaper-bag-essentialsThis bag by Storq… I like that it doesn’t cream diaper bag, it is small but has multiple pockets and can be worn as a backpack for when you have a really wriggly toddler and you need both hands to wrestle hold him.

Extra Diapers & Wipes. We use Honest brand for both.

Hand Sanitizer Spray. This is a bonus if I actually remember to pack this. Technically it should be in there but somehow it gets misplaced…. often. I don’t use it a ton but is definitely handy for when things like bird poop or his own poop somehow gets onto his hands and water isn’t handy. Anything can happen and both have.

A toy. I love these magnetic toys by Tegu. They are small and great to pull out when you have to keep the little one busy for a moment, especially good for when you run into slow service at a restaurant or if they are getting bored in the car.

Freeze Dried Fruit. I don’t give Archie many snacks. He gets one big sit down snack a day, between lunch and dinner, but if we are out and about and he’s getting antsy/hungry the freeze dried fruit is a great way to tide him over but not have him fill up on crap.

A small book. Archie LOVES Dear Zoo. It is one of those books that have the little flaps you lift up on each page. It keeps him entertained and you never know when you need a little distraction.

Baseball Cap. Handy to keep the sun out of his eyes.

And finally and extra change of clothes. Honestly I almost never have this in the bag unless we are going to be gone for a full day or so but if I was smart I probably would include it. Or at least have one in the car. Jeans from H&M and shirt from Rylee & Cru.


So what are your essentials?! An unorganized mama wants to know.

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Image by Katherine Rose My top by J.O.A. // Archie’s shirt by Sarah Sherman Samuel from Say Kids // Archies’ Jeans from Zara (old, find similar here) // Archie’s Shoes from Zara 


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