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real talk real moms: diaper bag essentials

This month’s real talk topic is all about the goods, the diaper bag goods that is. The what we lug around with us and why and it is yet another one of the topics where I feel like I should be the last one giving advice on. I am kind of a serial non-preparer. I will […]

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real talk real moms: education

We are back with another installment from the “real mom series“. I have to admit I am more excited to read the other mama’s input on this topic than I am to write it… you see, Archer is 15 months old and we have just begun putting plans together for his education and boy can it be […]

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real talk real moms: co-parenting

 We’ve got another installment of the Real Talk, Real Mom series, and this month’s topic is all about co-parenting… the who does what around bringing up our littles. I am always so curious about this topic and am fascinated to hear about the daily interworkings of other families. I want to peek inside one of […]

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real-talk-real moms-self-care

real talk real moms: self care

Today we’re back with another installment in the #realmomseries and this one is on self-care. When I think of self-care I first think of pampering yourself with manicures and massages and as far as beauty routines, exercise, and pampering I am probably the last person to look to on the topic. I have always been […]

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real talk real moms working & childcare

This month’s ‘real moms, real talk’ topic is on working and childcare, which I find SO interesting. I can’t wait to hear what the other mama’s are doing. Going into motherhood, I had no idea how I was going to feel, what I was going to take on, or how I was going to do it. Before I […]

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real talk, real moms: travel

Topic number three in our Real Talk, Real Moms series is all about Travel and you know I love me some of that. We have done quite a few weekend driving trips here and there with Archer but the biggest travel adventure was our first cross country flight to Michigan when Archer was around 4 months […]

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real talk, real moms on feeding

This month’s “real talk, real moms” topic is on feeding! After Archer was born, suddenly talking for hours and hours about my boobs was completely normal and showing them to total strangers was acceptable! OK, it was only two and they were technically lactation consultants, but still… “hi, how are you?… oh good, take a look at […]

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real talk, real moms: sleep

I rarely get too personal on the blog, writing is not my forte, nor is speaking for that matter and I usually can’t find the right words to express myself. I kind of always assume everyone is like Rupert and can read my mind or that they just know me. I now know this to be […]

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