We finally decided on our exterior siding color and Behr’s Cracked Pepper it is! Also, remember the dark or light trim debate from my renderings here? Well, we decided on the darker trim option and then for the front and side doors we are hoping this “Mossy Green” works out. I like the idea of the cabin blending in with its surroundings and the “Cracked Pepper” matches nicely with the bark of the trees that surrounds it and while the green door will be a fun pop of color on the cabin it still matches all the pretty green leaves.

So fingers crossed… it’s a little tricky picking paint colors from 2,000 miles away!

  • Anne

    Mossy Green is AMAZING! That is going to be one beautiful door.

  • Lawny

    I absolutely love the scheme! I have dark siding and white windows and I H-A-T-E the contrast. I had wanted black frames but didn’t have the option to do custom or paintable windows. Can’t wait to see it transformed!

  • Kasey

    I pinned a photo of the exterior “after” photo and I just had to find out what your paint colors were, they are fabulous! I have been wanting to take the exterior of my house, which is a darkish gray darker and this is the perfect shade! I was also wanting a yellow door but that green adds a wonderful pop. So happy I found the paint colors, you have wonderful taste!

  • Jo

    Love it! I’m doing cracked pepper too – what is the name of the darker trim?

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