While right now the cabin is under snow and it’s a little too cold to be working outside, it hasn’t stopped me from planning, rendering, and buying things to be ready when it does warm up. So while it still looks like this… in my mind it is looking more like my rendering here…

Cabin-exterior-rendering A

This is what we are planning for the outside:
1. We have bought this 8 1/4″ Fiber Cement Siding.
2. We have also just bought new patio doors from here. They are practically the same as the existing ones but fresh and new instead of crumbling to pieces.
3. Here we are hoping to some how wrap the existing structure of the fireplace chimney with wood siding. We will see how this goes.

Now to decide which door and window trim color to go with. While the new doors we bought are Ivory like shown in my first rendering, I am also kind of loving the darker colored trim shown below… and after all, we have to paint the window trim either way since I’m not really digging the current red. I guess I have some time to sort this one out and luckily I have good old Photoshop to help me picture it.

Cabin-exterior-rendering B

What’s your vote?


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