The traveling bug has finally hit me once again and since I often get asked where I find all my vacation rentals, I thought I’d start a new round up featuring my favorite house rental finds! The truth is I just search, a lot.. and bookmark places as I go so when a trip arises I have a catalogue of my favorite places to stay to quickly reference. While most people may choose their vacation destinations based on cities or overall local, I usually book them around what house or hotel I want to stay in. For example, I wasn’t planning a trip to Mexico but I for SURE would plan a trip around this place.

This retreat called Casa Cosmos is located near a remote beach of the Mexican Pacific coast, it takes the indoor/outdoor living concept to the max. The exterior walls can open all the way up, the bedroom right onto a pool. I’m feeling less stressed just looking at the photos.

This one had me at the minimal design, the wabi sabi nature of it all and of course you know I am a sucker for a round interior window.

Ok so who’s going with me? And what are you packing?!

Here’s what’s in my bag.

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