Cabin Exterior - Before Renovation

So its official!…We bought a cabin on Lake Michigan. Rupert and I are happiest when outside and around nature, so while Los Angeles has its obvious benefits it isn’t exactly the most peaceful place in the world. So here is our new little place of refuge. Here I will chronicle the projects and renovations that come along with buying a run-down, in desperate need of some love, old cabin in the woods. We will be doing most all of the work ourselves and by ourselves I am including my jack of all trades dad who will no doubt be a huge part of the process.

So while I am labeling these the “before” pictures, right now it looks exactly like this. Brown on the back, red on the side, grey in the front and all!

You can track all the progress of the cabin here.

  • Lawny

    WOW. I found your blog through Instagram, where have you been all my life lol!! I absolutely LOVE your cabin, what an amazing little place. My husband and I are also renovating/creating a small cabin in the woods – we are doing it all ourselves as well 🙂 I look forward to seeing your progress! PS Menards rocks!! All the best, Lawny (@amarabarra)

    • awe! thanks Lawny. Just followed you back on instagram! OMG LOOOVE your cabin too. So excited to follow your progress. – sarah

  • Lawny

    FANTASTIC!! Congratulations 🙂

  • Hi Sarah!

    I am just extremely curious as to what part of Michigan your cabin is in? I have been going upnorth to Harbor Springs since I was a toddler and it has truly become my favorite place in the entire world! I have dreamed of finding a cabin upnorth for years! What an amazing job you and your family have done!!!!


  • Love Your Work!!!! I can’t wait to explore the rest of the adventurous renovations!

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