I’ve been waiting and waiting for my new Lulu and Georgia collection to launch to refresh our  living room. We’ve had my Arches Rug from my very first rug collection since its launch! So it was a whole celebration to roll it up and roll out my Kivi Rug. The Kivi is sooo soft and plush. The kids love rolling all around it (the dogs too).

My next refresh was switching out our Rupert sofa for my Babs Sofa. It’s one of my favorite pieces in the collection. We’ve had my clouded rectangle coffee table since my last launch, and I love it with the Babs sofa, so it is staying for now. I just unboxed our Kukka lamp, and it’s perfect. To round it out, I’ll add two fern chairs.

We don’t need curtains or art in our living room, but these are so fun with this art print.

curtains// art print// kukka floor lamp// babs sofa// fern chair// clouded table

need more ideas for a living room refresh? head here and here

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