If you missed it, last week I started a series with the sss team where we share our “GLADS” for the week. It’s a practice I do with the kids every night before bed:

I ask them:

Name one thing that you…
G have gratitude for
L learned
A accomplished
D brought you delight

Hope you had a good week! Enjoy our GLADS below.


Grateful for: Rupert is back up and feeling much better after his atrial ablation procedure and a bumpy recovery. And we have officially started demo on our new personal project. The #sssclovertudor

Learned: I learned I have accumulated way too much stuff, and I am looking forward to our studio sale today and Saturday! 9-12!

Accomplished: I designed a fireplace screen and fireplace tools this week and had so much fun doing it.

Delighted in: I randomly came across the show “Ghosts” on the airplane, and it is just the right amount of cheeky, light-humored fun I needed this week. A couple inherits an old mansion and wants to turn it into an Airbnb. One of the new homeowners gets the ability to see ghosts, and the mansion is filled with them.


Grateful for: Getting morning light in my eyes daily now that I walk my son to school. It forces me to do it, and I try not to look at my phone beforehand. I’ve learned so much about the importance of morning light and other quantum health things through Carrie B.

Learned: You can take a picture of all your random legos using the Brickit app, and it will give you hundreds of ideas of what to build with them. Brilliant!

Accomplished: I finished Circe, and despite having no previous knowledge of Greek mythology, I loved it!

Delighted in: My son found four four-leaf clovers this week. He did not inherit this ability from his parents, so we’re very excited for him. Bring on the good luck!


Grateful for: Our local farmers market was so bountiful this Saturday. We came home with apples, green beans, carrots, corn, and homemade treats. I left feeling grateful for all the farmers and makers.

Learned: Even just a 20-minute walk at the end of the day does wonders to clear the mind.

Accomplished: My mom came over yesterday and helped me hang Sarah’s striped velvet curtains from Lulu & Georgia in our living room. The velvet warms up the room and adds such a nice texture. The living room is now ready for winter and lots of fireside puzzles.

Delighted in: Harry Styles’s song Treat People with Kindness has been on repeat in our house. We turn it up in the morning as a good way to start the day or turn it up in the car when there’s too much complaining or whining. We can’t help but smile
when it turns on.

Giving second chances
I don’t need all the answers
Feeling good in my skin
I just keep on dancin’



Grateful for: Since Birdie was born, she’s hated the car. Feel grateful daily for our only trick: listening to Garden Keeper Gus. It’s a kids story time podcast where you follow 6-year-old Gus and his squirrel friend Rel as they listen to nature sounds and go on adventures. Bonus, it’s not miserable to listen to!

Learned: You can order free COVID tests again, AND public libraries have them for free!

Accomplished: Writing three nights in a row. I haven’t worked on any personal writing projects in maybe 3-4 years? Taking this as a win for myself.

Delighted in: Finishing the book A Court of Mist and Fury. I almost didn’t make it through the first one in the series, and sooo delighted I did because the second book is worth it!


Grateful for: This week I’m grateful for the shift in weather. I can now open my windows wide and let some fresh, cool (well cool by Southern California standards) in.

Learned: that a cat’s meow is literally just for us! They don’t use it to communicate it with other cats. (We watch too many animal documentaries…)

Accomplished: I’ve been invited to present a poetry therapy offering for postpartum mothers I helped co-create to the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture. (Double whammy of gratitude this week!)

Delighted in: the way my baby Lou melted when she met her favorite Disney princesses. 😭



Grateful for- Celine my Silken Wind-hound, my sweetest, snuggliest, follows me everywhere

Learned- That dried prunes & dried mangoes are my current favorite snack. I haven’t had them in forever!

Accomplished- Did some more hot yoga & running.

Delighted in- Juniper laughing so so hard when I crawl behind her and chase her as she crawls away SUPER fast.

Sarah Matthews

Grateful for: For Fall’s gentle reminder for us all to slow down.

Learned: Rit Dye is an easy way to upgrade your existing wardrobe. I had a few things sitting in my closet unworn because the colors didn’t excite me, so I mixed “hyacinth” & “royal blue” to make a saturated cornflower blue and everything turned out so good, I have new favorite clothes and it only cost $6.

Accomplished: Reaching my fitness goals everyday for the past 2 weeks! I was always anti-tracking, but recently got a fitbit and it turns out I love the thrill of seeing the disco ball light up on my wrist. Daily movement helps every part of my life.

Delighted in: Pumpkin spice protein shakes – plain whey protein, vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp pumpkin spice, 2 tbls unsweetened pumpkin purée, 1 banana, almond milk, a little cold brew, few ice cubes.

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