They’re here! Meet my newest furniture creation, our gambit coffee tables.

You may know my love for natural stone runs deep, and I find a way to incorporate it in some form into pretty much every project. When designing our gambit coffee table, I knew I wanted to add a completely stone monolithic table to the sss atelier assortment. Still, I also wanted it to be a statement piece and incorporate more than one stone. By fusing two juxtaposing colored marble slabs together in a seamless checkerboard pattern, mission accomplished. Our gambit tables blend a postmodern form with classic materials, resulting in an unexpected statement piece that can anchor a room of various styles.

You may recognize her from when we styled the first prototype in the family room of our sss show house, which featured our alba chair and a sofa upholstered in my tiger print fabric.

I’m thrilled to say it is now available on our site in three sizes and in any of our four stone options: rossa, cream, viola, and verde, and customization of stones is also available.

Available in three sizes: 36″ x 36″, 48″ x 36″, and 48″ x 48″, prices start at $9,000. Shown in photos: top is 36″ by 36″ rossa and creama, and bottom is a 48″ by 48″ custom order.

We also created two new versions of our kamp chairs for the showroom: a walnut version with green leather and an ebonized one with a coffee leather seat. Our kamp chairs are COM, so they are fully customizable and available in our three wood finishes.

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